Karin Trenkel


Buntes Glück am Fensterbrett
This series was created in 2018/19 and includes seven collages made of watercolor paper painted with gouache. The space of the windowsill forms
the backdrop for ever changing (and colorful) scenes.

Tulip reliëfs
In May / June 2018 I exhibited this series of reliefs at the Hommes gallery.
The space of the windowsill is played here in a different way:
the characteristics of papier-mâché and the different depths are the starting point.

Participation exhibition Colourbomb, VU Amsterdam.
For this series of landscapes I have mixed and applied the colors in an (almost) scientific way. As part of the Colourbomb exhibition, these seven collages were on display in the VU gallery in Amsterdam in the spring of 2018.


nederlandse versie